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The New Unconventional Jewelry Trends

Since time immemorial, women have been wearing jewelry. The most common areas you would see them are their necks, earlobes or wrists. Jewelry has the ability to bring excitement to an otherwise dull outfit, as well as communicating the level of style the wearer possesses. Some of them cannot imagine walking out of the house without any jewelry on. With each change in the fashion trends, there comes a new angle to how jewelry is made and worn. In today's world, jewelry is being worn on body parts previously not considered for such. If a body part was not good enough for wearing jewelry; the tune seems to have changed completely.
There are back necklaces. People are fast appreciating this new trend. Where people never thought to have one, they now can't think of how one was never here, to begin with. These necklaces work best on clothes which have necklines that leave the back bare. This gives off a nice look, as you would expect from a normal necklace.
Your fingernails are now getting their jewelry. This does not mean the new finger polish that has some crystals on them, but actual jewel pieces for the fingernails, which resemble small caps. Their design caters to a wide range of tastes. There are others which are styled to give off a menacing look, especially for deterring unwanted attention.
Teeth now have their jewelry. They go by the name of grills. The most common characters who can be seen wearing them are the celebrities and those accustomed to the limelight. Their nature dictates that only shiny materials be used in their construction, such as silver and gold. They are expected to be sparkling and bright. These grills have the ability to attract a lot of attention to your teeth.
The bicep has also been considered in the making of these new jewelry. This is especially for giving off a Roman feel. The beauty and visibility of a lady's arms make them a perfect spot to display jewelry. Ladies with lean arms look especially nice in them. Since they fit the arms to an exact degree, the wearer has to be careful not to work the biceps too much, to avoid injury.
Hips were not forgotten when these new trends were setting in. Hip jewelry is especially suitable for those who keep fit and have a toned body. They work best when worn in situations that require less clothing items, such as at the beach, or tops that reveal the midriff. They give off a sexy vibe.
These form part of the new trend in jewelry wearing. The old conventions with regards to jewels have been disregarded. People have the freedom to choose how they will express themselves through their jewels. It is not just the neck, ears and wrists that were made for wearing jewelry. To view more pieces, click here.

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